The activation of physiological mechanisms of aging and production of new collagen with the help of laser leads to impressive results regarding the improvement of wrinkles and the skin texture of face and neck.

Microdermabration is the most modern and advanced peeling method.We can do very deep cleansing, skin rejuvenation, treatment of freckles with impressive and immediate results without unwanted irritations of chemical peels. It is ideal for combination with laser skin rejuvenation treatments.

The blue and red vessels that appear in the skin of face and legs are a usual aesthetic problem which is solved by the help of laser technology having exceptional therapeutic results.

Hemangiomas are vessel damages from birth and can be presented everywhere (face - body - ends) like red marks being usually expanded. Until now there was not a satisfactory cure. Today lasers have solved this problem.

Stretch marks are very common skin problem which occurs in different parts of the body. The laser gives very good results especially when the stretch marks are recent.

It is the specter of even the most shapely trunks, it does not discriminate and can be seen not only at bodies with some extra pounds, but also in thin silhouettes . The discharge from the cellulite and the local thickness seemed, so far, a very difficult task. Until yesterday... now, the cellulite, the local thickness and relaxation, can be treated radically.

They are the results of damage from a long term exposition to the sun. They are usually located on face and hands – both microdermabration and laser give the best results.

They are the results of bad healing and they are faced by using laser having spectacular results.

The laser is the best method of hair removal all over the world. However, the main point is everything to be done by a specialized doctor with the suitable equipment for an excellent result.

The use of laser achieves major improvements in both the acne and the scars caused by it many times and eliminating the use of medicines.




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