Hemangiomas are vessel damages from birth and can be presented everywhere (face - body - ends) like red marks being usually expanded. Until now there was not a satisfactory cure. Today lasers have solved this problem

To long pulse dye laser emits a yellow beam (wavelength 595nm) which is absorbed by the red color of hemoglobin and the thermal reaction is destroying the unwanted Hemangiomas wherever they are on the skin and is a vascular lesion from birth. We should note the following:

1. It is the only and the most effective  treatment for this problem which no satisfactory treatment existed previously.
2. Treatment includes a sufficient number of sessions until the final elimination of Hemangiomas. The sessions are repeated every 2-3 months.
3. The long pulse duration (1,5 ms-40ms) of the dye laser provides an absolute advantage in the treatment and any diameter capillary vessel can be treated. Thus, this therapy is totally safe and with an excellent result.



Torso, before and after 1 session:

Upper lip, before and after:

Thigh, before and after 1 session:

Back, before and after 1 session:




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