Hair Removal

Alexandrite laser emits a pure red beam (wavelength 755nm) which aims the  color of  the hair. In this way the light energy of the beam absorbed by the color (melanin) of the hair, is converted into heat which destroys the hair and the follicle cells. In contrast to what is said and written today (in magazines, television, internet etc.) we  must resolve any misunderstandings and  note the following.

1. On hair removal laser is irrelevant if the hair is very
black, just black or blonde. In all these cases depilation becomes with excellent results if the doctor has the knowledge and experience. Hair removal with laser method can not be done if the hair is white.

2. What is important and determines the outcome of such treatment is the area in the body that applies the laser. There are areas (mustache, bikini, underarms) the result is excellent. On the other hand the most difficult area for air removal treatment is the face and neck. Here, the result is not predictable and there are many cases of patients who-unfortunately tortured for years without result simply because disturbed once (wrongly) on their facial hair.

3. It can not be established, in any event, number of sessions. In each treatment the number of sessions (laser applications) identified and directly linked with the expectations of each patient. The role of the doctor is in any case, advisory and admonitory, with particular attention to best result.






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